Each school day New York City Public School students are able to enjoy FREE breakfast and lunch meals. Parents and guardians can return a completed paper application to their child's school or they can apply online at using any electronic device with an internet connection. Households need to complete only one application for all children living in a home attending Pre-k to high school.

Say yes to delicious and healthy school meals and complete your child’s application today. Completing it helps secure State funding for your child’s school.

If you have questions regarding the application contact SchoolFood's Help Desk at 877.363.6325.

security lock  Your privacy is important to us. All information is kept confidential. Federal regulations do not allow the Department of Education to share your information with any other agency.

*Paper applications are only available at your child’s school


Our nutrition standards always meet, and many times exceed, USDA Nutrition Standards for School Meals. We do not use food additives such as artificial colors or flavors, non-nutritive sweeteners, or preservatives. Additionally, we restrict high fructose corn syrup where feasible. Click here to view our current list of prohibited ingredients.

Water consumption is also an important factor in a highly nutritious diet. Because behavioral patterns are established at an early age, encouraging children to drink water can play an important role in addressing childhood obesity. We offers water to every student via a variety of sources during meal service.

Water jet machines, which are available in over 800 school cafeterias, are just one way students can easily obtain cold, fresh tap water free of charge. With the support of the Mayor’s Obesity Task Force, we’re aiming to add additional water jets in schools to reach the vast majority of students.

Ultimately,monthly menus and water services are created to ensure that students receive the proper nutrients they need to think clearly, concentrate on learning, and perform better in class.


The DOE cannot provide a nut, milk or allergen-free school environment or allergen-free food service, because the risk of accidental exposure is always present whether in food other students bring from home, food packaged in factories where allergens are present, or in art materials and cleaning products used in schools. Instead, the DOE has an “allergy aware” policy throughout its 1,800 public schools. Being “allergy aware” builds community sensitivity and empowers everyone! Children with allergies become aware of what they can and cannot eat, and other adults and students become more conscientious about the allergies of others.

For parents and guardians of children with allergies, a child’s accidental exposure to allergens is a constant worry. Our staff and the specially trained Office of School Health work together to provide school principals with the support and guidance they need to increase the safety of students with allergies. DOE employees collaboratively watch for allergic reactions and take the steps needed to increase the student’s safety. These employees include the school nurse, SchoolFood staff, teachers, maintenance workers, transportation staff, and administrators, all of whom play an important role in serving NYC parents and their children with allergies in our public schools. The DOE provides annual allergy awareness information to the educational community through our website and periodic training material handouts.

Parents and guardians of a child with allergies are asked to complete the requisite medical forms in order for their children to receive the proper care for their allergies. Forms are available at the school nurse’s office. School principals work with their school’s nurse and School Food Service Manager to devise student-specific “allergy response plans” that address any allergy concerns parents or guardians may have concerning their children.

Click to view our Allergy FAQ document and medical form information.


We recognize the importance of ensuring that children with disabilities have the same opportunity to enjoy school meals so that they can achieve academic success. A monthly breakfast and lunch Special Needs Menu is published to accommodate medically certified students. Our dedicated staffs also play an active role of interacting with the school community to ensure we be of service.